3 Awesome Game Modes in Live by the Sword: Tactics

Live by the Sword is a new STRPG with an updated modern formula. The game does not have levels, experience, or equipment in the game. Classes have a selection of powers and qualities from which players can will make into their teams. This allows you to engage in difficult fights without having to grind to clear the encounter.

3 Game Modes in Live by the Sword: Tactics

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  • “Story Mode” tells the story of Edgar and William, two brothers who go on an adventure to save their struggling kingdom from falling into war again. Fight dangerous enemies and deadly foes as you figure out what’s going on.
  • In “Adventure Mode,” you can build the continent of Orlia however you want. As you go through harder and harder fights, move places around on the map. In Adventure Mode, dying is permanent, but you don’t have to worry because you can hire new characters and buy items from the local pub to help you fight. In the coming months, Adventure Mode will get some big changes.
  • “Tactician Mode”, test your tactical skills as you attempt to clear unique challenges. Think you know everything there is to know about LBTS? Then put your money where your mouth is by taking on unique encounters and trying to finish them in as few moves as possible. In the coming months, more challenges will be added to Tactician Mode.

Live by the Sword: Tactics

If you’ve ever wanted to fight with a friend in a tactical way, you can now. You can play multiplayer games with friends in person or online. You can choose to fight in 5v5 or 3v3 battles to see how good you are. Coming in December is Ranked Online.

This is just the start. LBTS will keep getting updates that make the game better by adding new classes, Tactician fights, updates to Adventure Mode, Board Builder, Ranked Online, and a lot more.

Live by the Sword: Tactics is a game that will come out on PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch on October 28. It was made by Gravity Interactive.

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