3 Ways to Combine Word File into One Document Mobile and PC

It is actually pretty to combine Word files if you already know it. This method to combine word files into one document is highly useful for thesis-writing students and office workers who wish to organize their important documents.

However, even when everything has been completed, there are many people that are confused as to how we combine the file into one document. In this case, we are going to give you a few tips on how to combine a word file document into one, check out this article below!

How to Combine Word File into 1 Document!

1. How to Combine Multiple Different Documents in Microsoft Word

Using the application itself to combine Microsoft Word files is the simplest method. There is an integrated feature for combining multiple documents, as you may be aware. This strategy is ideal for those of you who are writing a thesis, as individual chapters may be readily integrated. So How do you utilize this feature?

  1. Open the Microsoft Word document in question
  2. Place the cursor at the desired page position
  3. Go to Insert tab > Object > Text From File
  4. Select the Create from File tab
  5. Click Browse
  6. Select the document you want to add
  7. Sort documents as you wish
  8. Click the Insert tab

2. How to Merge 2 Document Versions of the Same File

Well, if in the case you want to combine 2 original versions of documents and a revised version into one, you can use this step to make the process faster. How to combine Word 2019 files is still using Microsoft Word, really, gang. However, the feature we run is different.

  1. Open the Word file you want to merge
  2. Select the Review or Tools tab
  3. Click Compare at the top right of the window
  4. Select the Combine option
  5. In the first drop-down menu, select Original Document
  6. Next to it, click Revised Document
  7. Enter a name in the Label Unmarked Changes with box
  8. Click More >>>
  9. Pay attention to the Show Changes section in
  10. Check the New Document section
  11. Click OK

The two versions of this text will be consolidated into a single document in the future. Three documents will be displayed in three separate panels: the original document, the combined document, and the changed document.

3. How to Merge Microsoft Word Files Online on PC and Mobile

If the preceding procedure does not work, you can combine your Word files utilizing an online platform. This service is offered by numerous websites, including DocSoSo, Smallpdf, and others. Even though there are other platforms, the procedure for combining Word files on HP and PC is essentially the same.  Simply upload files and combine them together. To be more specific, please review the following online methods for merging Word files.

  • Go to the document combiner website
  • Click Choose file
  • Upload the files you want to merge
  • Make sure the file order is correct
  • Press Merge
  • Download the file and see the result.

There are several ways to join Word files, whether they are two distinct documents, two versions of the same document, or a large number of documents. You can select this method based on your preferences.

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