Listen Youtube Music Screen Lock

3 Ways to Listen YouTube Music on Android When Screen Lock!

There are actually many ways to listen to Youtube videos or music even while their screen is off. If you are looking for a way to do that, here’re a few tips and tricks to get your YouTube Music to work even when your screen is not on and lock, while you listen to some songs.

When you turn off your screen, YouTube instantly pauses what you’re watching, so you can’t merely listen to videos while doing other things. There is no setting in the default YouTube app to address this, however, there are ways to play YouTube videos with the screen turned off.

Listen to YouTube Music on Android When Screen Lock

1. Use Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome browser
  • Go to Youtube
  • Search for the video that you want to listen
  • At the video select the 3 dots icon browser > Select “Desktop Site”
  • Go to the main screen > drag top down  the top notification bar and press play to continue
  • The video will then continue playing in the background

2. Use Mozilla Browser

  • Open Mozilla Firefox Browser
  • Open Youtube URL
  • Search the video that you want to listen
  • In the top right corner of the site select the 3 dot icon
  • Tap Desktop site
  • Go to your main screen and drag down your notification window
  • Press play and the video will continue playing in the background

3. Youtube Red

If you by chance subscribe to the paid version of youtube, you will be able to have the freedom to use other apps while listening to youtube. Youtube red is able to subscribe with the lowest price of free, for the first email, that you use in the game.

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