4 Reason To Choose Smartphones with Bigger RAM

RAM (Random Access Memory) plays a crucial role in determining the performance and multitasking capabilities of smartphones. With phones becoming more powerful and loaded with features, having adequate RAM is key to a smooth user experience. Here are some reasons why RAM matters in your phone:

1. Enables Multitasking

Having more RAM allows your phone to keep multiple apps running in the background without slowing down. For example, you can quickly switch between a browser, email, messaging apps, maps and more without having to reload them each time. More RAM lets you effortlessly jump between tasks.

2. Supports Heavy Apps and Games

Today’s smartphones can run graphics-intensive games, edit high-resolution photos, render AR/VR content and more. All of this requires significant RAM to store and access data quickly. Insufficient RAM will lead to slow loading times, lag and app crashes. A good amount of RAM ensures heavy apps run smoothly.

3. Future Proofs Your Phone

Even if your usage is moderate today, apps and operating systems are becoming more resource intensive. Having a higher RAM prepares your phone for future app updates and OS upgrades that may need more memory. It helps prevent your phone from feeling outdated in a year or two.

4. Improves Overall Performance

RAM works closely with the processor to enable seamless phone performance. The more RAM you have, the more data can be temporarily accessed without dipping into slower storage. Overall system performance and speed improves significantly with more RAM.

RAM has a major influence on critical aspects like multitasking, app performance, responsiveness and future-readiness of your smartphone.

When buying a new phone, check not just processor speed but also the amount of RAM. Ideally, look for at least 4GB RAM on mid-range phones and 6GB or higher on flagship devices for optimal performance.

The extra RAM will ensure your phone can smoothly sustain increased demands down the road.

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