5 Best Ancient City Minecraft Loot

Ancient City is a new type of place to explore in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update. The place which is located in the biome of The Deep Dark and guarded by the mobs of The Warden has managed to attract many gamers to go there. To further add to the appeal, Ancient City hosts a number of new interesting loot items that players can try to find. So what are the best types of loot that can be found here? Let us see together!

Minecraft Ancient City:

Because this location is within The Deep Dark, The Warden may also emerge nearby. Exploration requires players to assume significant risk, given that the most powerful mobs are supposedly the most vicious beasts. Even yet, the quality of Ancient City’s riches exceeds that of an average award. Which is why many people wanted to find the place.

Here are 5 best loot for Ancient City in Minecraft!

Echo Shards

Ancient City Loot Minecraft

Echo Shards are a new type of item added in version 1.19 by Mojang Studios. These shards can only be discovered in Ancient City chests.

As it was relatively recent, this item’s purpose is fairly limited. The Echo Shard can currently only be utilized to craft a Recovery Compass. Which locates the last location the player died.

Potion of Regeneration

Ancient City Loot Minecraft

Mojang Studios has added ingeniously potions to Minecraft treasure boxes. This new Potion is extremely effective at restoring the health of player characters. Especially if players are facing extremely powerful enemies, such as The Warden.

Potion of Regeneration has a 35.9% chance to occur in chests around Ancient City.  In addition, this Potion may be crafted with the ingredients 1 Blaze Powder, 1 Netherwart, 1 Ghast Tear, and 1 Water Bottle or other recipes for the potion such as Gunpower, Dragon’s Breath, Redstone, and Glowstone Dust are also available to make the potion. This potion’s impact lasts around 22 seconds and can be consumed when hungry.

Disc Fragments

Ancient City Loot Minecraft

With the introduction of all-new biome structures, Mojang Studios intends to introduce a new, enigmatic plot. They accomplish this by releasing a new Disc titled Disc 5. Typically, these discs are undamaged and feature a mystery voice and an image of a person.

However, with Disc 5, players must first determine the number of bits or pieces on this disc. This fragment is comprised of nine different fragments that must be assembled on a crafting table.  This Fragment Disc 5 is exclusive to Ancient City.

Enchanted Books – Swift Sneaks III

Ancient City Loot Minecraft

Block Sculk Sensor and The Warden are one of the new types of challenges that players must face while exploring the Ancient City. Even though they are blind, they both have a special ability that can produce loud sounds and detect them instantly.

To be able to avoid this, players must squat, walk slowly, and not produce any sound. The goal is not to be attacked by The Warden and not activate the very loud Sculk Sensor sound. It’s just that this action takes a very long time and of course, makes your fingers sore. Therefore, Mojang Studios has added a new enchantment book called Swift Sneak.

This Swift Sneak III book can only be found in Ancient City and is useful for being able to walk faster in Sneak mode.

Enchanted Golden Apple

Ancient City Loot Minecraft

For those of you who have played Minecraft for a long time, you must be familiar with this super rare item. Enchanted Golden Apple serves to increase the number of players’ lives to 8 hearts.

In addition, this item can also apply a regeneration effect for a few seconds. Usually the Enchanted Golden Apple is an item that can rarely be found. However, this item can be an ordinary item that is often found in the Ancient City.

These are the five best item loot found in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update’s Ancient City map. Are you increasingly interested in touring the Ancient City up to this point?

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