5 Best Vampire Survivor Games on Mobile Android and iOS

Here are some of the best Vampire Survivor Games on Mobile especially for Android and iOS!

Vampire survivor is likely to be one of the most intriguing games in 2022. The game had incredible unlimited playability and is regarded as one of the top games of 2022. With its easy roguelite action, the game provides us with a new and unique combination with each run. If you are interested in the game and are bored of playing it on Android, here are some of the finest Vampire Survivor Games that you can find on Android and iOS!

Vampire Survivor Like Games on Mobile [Android and iOS]

1. Nine Trials

Nine Trials is a wuxia style vampire survivor games. In which players are able to select some character in the game. Take them to hunt the endless monster coming in your ways and then combine then to make a powerful new weapon to kill the enemies. Sadly though the game is currently only released in China and those that want to play the game might need to input a Chinese ID.

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2. 20 Minutes Till Dawn

Similar to the PC version, 20 Minutes Till Dawn is a popular mobile endless game, where players will be task to kill the enemies around them and try to survive the game. Players will choose some character and their weapon, tries to level up in the game, and obtained powerful abilities that will kill the enemies. Some bullets has different effect, and there are also many boss monster that are going to kill you in every turn.

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3. Magic Dungeon

Probably one of the better-looking games in android google play store even in comparisson with Vampire Survivor. The game uses anime like mechanic to combine bunch of different spells in the game to make your own powerful anime character. Magic Dungeon uses a character based system, spell combination, and more that gives you a different feel to vampire survivor, but with a similar vibe.

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4. Survivor.io

The entire city is under siege by dangerous zombies! The city is in danger! You have no choice but to take up the heroic burden of defending the city after being awakened by the trial of dreams! As a human fighter with limitless potential, you and the other survivors must pick up your weapons and fight these terrible and dangerous zombies! The mob significantly outnumbers you – any blunder and you’ll be in big trouble! You must discover a means to survive in the face of a disaster! – Survivor.io

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5. Vampire Survivor

Did you know that the game has an unofficial port in mobile? Well, now you know, and Vampire Survivor mobile is one. The game is still downloadable even though it is already being deleted by the developer on Google Play, and yes it is only 4MB.

>> Download

If you are interested, you can also play most of the games above by using Emulator on PC. This is so that you can save your progress and then play it endlessly to get more coins and stuff in the game. Not only that, by using a PC, you will also let your phone cool down while you play the game.

Play Vampire Survivor-like Mobile Games on PC by Using Emulator:

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