5 Star Genshin Impact

5 Most Popular 5 Star Characters in Genshin Impact

There are a few 5 star characters that are strongly advised to have if you’re a new player or looking to optimize your party composition for the Spiral Abyss challenges in Genshin Impact. Having certain characters in your party can significantly increase your chances of winning battles, even though the acquisition of characters through gacha is dependent on luck. In this article, we’ll talk about a few essential 5-star characters who can greatly aid your party and aid you in overcoming even the most difficult challenges in Teyvat.

5 Most Popular 5 Star Characters in Genshin Impact


With patch 3.5 now accessible, Nahida is one of Genshin Impact’s most strongest 5-star characters. Thanks to the Dendro element, which is currently the rarest in the game, she is one of the powerful characters there is.

Nahida is a fantastic choice for players looking for a character who can fill a variety of roles in their party because of her extremely versatile kit.


Yelan is also a great Hydro enabler and can serve as a strong Sub DPS character. Her damage output is significant and can boost the on-field DPS character in your party. Overall, Yelan is a valuable addition to any team composition and can be used in conjunction with Xingqiu to create a powerful and balanced party. With her unique abilities and role in combat, Yelan is a character that should not be overlooked by players seeking to optimize their party composition in Genshin Impact.


Kazuha is a buffer that can increase elemental damage bonus is almost necessary for the entire party in Genshin Impact. At a glance, this type of character can enable the main DPS to deal more damage by swirling the elements of the main DPS. For example, Kazuha can boost Hu Tao’s damage output by swirling Pyro element with her.

Having a buffer that can increase elemental damage bonus is crucial for parties that rely heavily on elemental reactions to deal damage. With the ability to amplify the damage output of other characters, these buffers can make a significant difference in combat.

By using their unique abilities to enhance elemental reactions, these characters can help the main DPS character deal massive amounts of damage to enemies. Overall, buffers that can increase elemental damage bonus are an essential part of any well-rounded party composition in Genshin Impact.


Zhongli is a Shielder,, they can be incredibly helpful, especially for beginners who struggle with dodging enemy attacks. These shields are powerful and can keep your party safe from enemy attacks for a certain period of time, allowing you to deal damage freely without worrying about taking hits.

Although shields may not always be necessary, they can provide an extra layer of defense for your party and help keep your characters alive in challenging battles. For players who are still learning the mechanics of combat in Genshin Impact, shields can be a valuable tool to help them progress and overcome difficult obstacles.

Overall, while shields may not be essential, they are certainly worth considering for players who want to increase the survivability of their party.

Raiden Shogun

Just like Zhongli, Raiden Shogun is considered optional but incredibly useful, especially in the current Dendro meta. She can be considered a powerful 5-star character to use in a Hyperbloom team composition.

In Genshin Impact, a Hyperbloom team composition focuses on utilizing multiple characters who can deal elemental damage, particularly with the Pyro and Hydro elements. Raiden Shogun, a 5-star Electro character, can be a strong addition to this team composition because of her ability to provide consistent Electro damage and elemental support.

Additionally, her Elemental Burst can be charged up quickly, allowing her to deal massive amounts of damage and trigger elemental reactions with other characters.

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