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5 OP EXP Laner Heroes Mobile Legends Season 28 2023

Mobile Legends, one of the most popular mobile games, has entered its 28th season. As a player, you want to get off to a great start, and having a strong and reliable Exp laner Mobile Legends heroes can help you achieve that.

An Explaner hero is one who excels in the laning phase and can do various tasks, such as zoning the enemy jungler, helping to secure objectives like the turtle, and taking down the enemy’s backline.

However, not all heroes are suitable for the EXP Laner role. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top five OP Explaner heroes that you should consider picking at the beginning of the season to dominate your opponents.

5 OP EXP Laner Heroes Mobile Legends


Lapu-Lapu is a great pick for the Explainer role. He is strong, has high damage, and is thick-skinned. He has all the characteristics of a great Explainer hero. Additionally, his Ultimate makes it easy to target the enemy’s backline, which is perfect for the current meta where mage heroes are popular.


Arlott is a new hero that is very strong due to his versatility. He has high damage, great regeneration abilities, and annoying CC skills. Arlott’s Tank build is often used as an Explainer hero, and his Ultimate is perfect for cancelling out the enemy. He is definitely a great pick for anyone who wants to try out a new hero in the Explainer role.


Gloo is a great hero to pick for kidnapping enemies. Although some of his skills have been nerfed, he is still a popular pick due to his high damage output. Gloo is often used as a counter pick, and his damage is still very painful to deal with, making him a great Explainer hero.


Minsitthar is a versatile hero that can be used for many different roles, but he is particularly effective as an Explainer hero. Since his revamp, Minsitthar is very strong and his damage output is substantial. He is also very annoying to deal with, making him a great choice for the Explainer role.

Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong’s power may not be as strong as it used to be, but he is still a great pick for the Explainer role. Compared to other heroes, he is still a good choice, especially for targeting strong backline enemies like Pharsa and Marksman heroes such as Beatrix and Lesley.

These are the top five recommended Explainer heroes that are OP, strong, and should be picked early in Season 28 of Mobile Legends. Choose the right hero for your team and enjoy playing the game.

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