Phone Turn Off Automatically

5 Reason and Solution Why Your Phone Turn Off Automatically!

There are numerous reasons why your favourite phone may turn off automatically. It might be due to a virus, a hardware issue, or you simply neglected to charge your phone. But, regardless of the reason, we know it is not the latter because you are looking for a solution here. For those asking for the ‘why,’ here are some of the reasons and possible solutions that you can try if your phone turns off automatically. Examine it out!

Reason and Solution Why Your Phone Turns Off Automatically!

1. Some App that you Installed is Causing a Problem

Some apps in your Android phone may conflict with your system application, causing it to malfunction. Many Android smartphones are incompatible with the operating software due to their OS or other factors. This application could be the culprit, especially if you installed it with APK files.

Solution: You will need to Uninstall this application or reset your phone

2. Battery problem

When the battery inside your phone is heated up, there’s a chance that the cable might be loose and this happens often for older phone, which makes it harder for most people to fix it since the hardware is scarce.

Solution: Change the battery, better ask your phone repair shop near your area.

3. Phone Temperature is Too High

If by chance your phone is too hot, it might affect your phone battery condition which in turn makes it bloated and touch the hardware inside and make your phone turns off automatically. This is especially true if you had been using your phone for gaming.

Solution: Change your phone battery and ask to check if there is any hardware problem

4. Corrupted OS

If by chance you had just installed your phone OS or had just updated your phone. It suddenly turned off without any problem before, then you might want to restart your phone and re-install it from the scratch.

Solution: Install it from the scratch, try downloading your OS on the official site

5.  Hardware Malfunctioning

One of the most common causes is that your hardware is malfunctioning, either due to faulty power that causes your hardware to fail, water, a bump, or even a drop that will cause your phone to die. Remember if you had previously dropped your phone, received a minor bump, or had water enter your phone.

Solution: Fix it in your local repair shop, but it is better to just change it all together since it is usually costly, especially if it hits the motherboard.

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