Tower of Fantasy Icarus

5 Tower of Fantasy Icarus Facts

Tower of Fantasy Update 2.4: Under the Grand Sea has brought a new surprise for fans of the game. Tower of Fantasy Icarus, is the new Frost element Simulacra, has joined Lan, the Flame element Simulacra, and is ready to win the hearts of players. Here are some facts to know before recruiting Icarus to your team.

1. A Prince from the Ptéryga Family

Icarus is a prince from the noble Ptéryga family who has a rebellious spirit. Despite this, he upholds the teachings of politeness, humility, and friendliness to all people that he received from his parents. However, his desire for rebellion led him to leave his family and explore the unknown environment of Vera.

2. Icarus Lost his Mother Since Childhood

Icarus has a sad background. He lost his mother when he was young and blamed his father for not providing immediate care and treatment for her. Since then, Icarus’ relationship with his father has never improved. He then gave his trust to his uncle, Klema, who formed the Mooke Squad team to teach Icarus the importance of teamwork.

3. Frost DPS with “Precious One” Weapon

Icarus is a Frost element Simulacra DPS user who uses his trusted weapon called Precious One. He has strong determination and extraordinary intelligence, making him a formidable fighter to be reckoned with.

4. Recommended Team Comp for Icarus

For the most suitable team comp with Icarus, Alyss and Saki Fuwa are recommended. In this team comp setup, Icarus will act as the primary DPS, Alyss as the secondary DPS, and Saki Fuwa as the shield-breaker.

5. Resources Needed to Recruit Icarus

If you want to recruit Icarus, you need a minimum of 120 Red Nucleus to do a pull in the Limited Time Banner from April 13 to May 4, 2023. If you don’t succeed, you can buy it using Flame Gold from the Weapon Store.

If you’re a Frost element team comp user, Icarus is a Simulacra that you should consider because he can become a strong and effective DPS in defeating enemies. Icarus is an interesting addition to the Tower of Fantasy game.

He has a unique background story and powerful fighting abilities that make him a great asset to any team. By following the recommended team comp and obtaining the necessary resources, players can recruit Icarus and make him a valuable member of their party.

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