Second Life Android

A Second Life Coming to Android, The Social MMO Game

Linden Labs, the developer of the virtual world Second Life, has announced plans to bring the game to Android devices. While no official release date has been given, a recent post on the game’s community forums, along with a video showcasing the progress so far, suggests that development is underway.

The video features avatars of Linden Labs staff in various settings, demonstrating a fairly basic user interface as most features are still in development. However, given the extensive nature of the UI in Second Life, adapting it for mobile platforms is no easy feat.

To achieve this, the developers will be utilizing the Unity engine instead of the twenty-year-old Havok engine, which the game is currently based on. In a longer interview with Linden Lab staff avatars, the development roadmap for the rest of the year is discussed.

Second Life Moves to Android Because of the Renewed Interest in Virtual Space

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Second Life was launched back in 2003 and has experienced a drop in users over time. However, with the rise of Metaverse platforms like VRChat and Facebook’s Metaverse, there has been renewed interest in virtual spaces.

The move to bring Second Life to Android may be an attempt to ride this wave of interest, while also appealing to those who are unwilling or unable to purchase a VR headset. While it remains to be seen if the Android port will bring in a huge new wave of players, it is sure to make the dedicated community happy.

Although the platform is now over twenty years old, there is still potential for it to thrive in the current virtual landscape. People love Old School RuneScape, for example, despite its dated graphics. Therefore, looking a bit retro may not be enough to halt the game’s chances of success.

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