AetherSX2 PS2 Emulator in Android is Going to Include Ads

The AetherSX2 emulator has been at the center of controversy and disappointment for months. The Android PlayStation 2 emulator recently received a new update on Google Play, claiming to have a new developer. However, players quickly discovered that the new version now contained ads, which contradicted previous promises from the former developer, Tahlreth, about an ad-free experience.

In a shocking twist, a moderator from the AetherSX2 Fan Community Discord server left a strongly-worded statement claiming that Tahlreth had sabotaged the emulator out of spite. The moderator advised users not to update the app and to leave reviews warning others about the new version on Google Play. They also suggested that users spread the word to prevent Tahlzek from ruining the Android PS2 community.

Ads Free Experience is Promised Before

To make matters worse, the previously-archived versions of the emulator disappeared from the official archive on the AetherSX2 website. The current version is now the only one available for download, but the fan community Discord server has archived downloads available for those who still have an older copy.

The situation with AetherSX2 is a reminder of the importance of transparency and honesty in software development. Promising users an ad-free experience and then adding ads in a new update not only goes against what was previously promised, but also erodes trust in the developer and the product.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for AetherSX2, but it is clear that the path forward will require a commitment to integrity and clear communication with the user community.

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