AFK Arena Pet Tier List Best Beasts

AFK Arena Pet Tier List Best Beasts – Looking for the best AFK Arena beasts to build a formidable team? You’re in the right place! Our straightforward tier list breaks down all the current characters, making it easy for you to decide who to include in your squad.

What’s AFK Arena?

AFK Arena is a laid-back RPG gacha game, playable on both Android and iOS. It boasts an engaging story and a collection of unique characters. To delve deeper into the lore and game details, visit the official website.

AFK Arena Pet Tier List Tier List – Best Beast

Here’s our no-nonsense tier list, and we promise to keep it updated with each new character release. We’ve done our homework to provide an honest and reliable ranking.

S-Tier: Feline Vesperio, Slumber Seal, Flutterplume Owl, Winged Lion

A-Tier: Tufty Ears, Bellbellow, Polar Beast, Rock Crown Lizard, Slumber Seal, Phantasmoth, Fox Fatale, Furry Hippo

B-Tier: Blade Ridge, Dreary Ball

C-Tier: Fire Breather, Grassy Orb

D-Tier: More info coming soon!

Beast List:

  • Flutterplume Owl
  • Feline Vesperio
  • Winged Lion
  • Tufty Ears
  • Bellbellow
  • Polar Beast
  • Rock Crown Lizard
  • Blade Ridge
  • Dreary Ball
  • Fire Breather
  • Grassy Orb
  • Phantasmoth
  • Fox Fatale
  • Slumber Seal

How Many Beasts Are There In AFK Arena?

Currently, there are over 10 beasts in AFK Arena, and the plan is to expand the roster in future updates. Stay tuned as we update our guide with each new beast release.

S Tier List

  • These are the best beasts in the game, boasting the strongest abilities. Aim to get an S-tier beast as soon as you can for maximum power.

A Tier List

  • Fantastic beasts that make great substitutes if you miss out on an S tier. They work well alongside S-tier beasts, helping you clear content effortlessly.

B Tier List

  • Not the strongest, but decent fillers for early-game support. Use them to assist your A-tier and S-tier beasts.

C Tier List

  • Best to steer clear of these beasts in your party, especially if you want efficient content clearing.

D Tier List

  • Not worth the effort to upgrade or use; avoid them completely.

About The Game

AFK Arena is a fantastic idle game focused on idle combat and gacha elements. Build a powerful team through summons and enjoy the perfect blend of relaxing gameplay, ideal for on-the-go moments!

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