How to Install AirPods Firmware Updates

AirPods Pro 2 Apple Firmware Update, How to Install

The Apple AirPods Pro 2 TWS earphones, which were introduced earlier this month and went on sale yesterday, have received their initial firmware update and is available to install. The new firmware has a version number of 5A377, and the release notes state that it includes bug fixes and “other improvements,” but we do not know which bugs have been eliminated and what has been enhanced.

How to Install AirPods Firmware Update!

AirPods firmware updates are typically delivered when they are charging and within Bluetooth range of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. There is no conventional method to manually install the updates, so you’ll have to wait till the update appears on your headphones.

Nonetheless, if you are unsure of the firmware version of your AirPods, here’s how:

  • Ensure that your iPhone/iPad is running the most recent OS version:
  • open the Settings app, and navigate to Bluetooth > AirPods.
  •  Now, tap the “More Info” I button and scroll down to the “About” section to locate the firmware version.
  • Option-click the Apple logo under the Apple menu on a Mac
  • Select “System Information” Now click “Bluetooth” and search for the firmware version under your AirPods.

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