Black Rock Shooter Fragments Characters

All Characters in Black Rock Shooter Fragments Mobile Games

Black Rock Shooter Fragments is one of the interesting games made by G2 Studios and is finally being released for both android and iOS. Much like any other gacha games, the Black Rock Shooter Fragments offer tons of different characters in the game. Here are all characters in Black Shooter Fragments mobile games that you can use.

In Black Rock Shooter, there are at least 5 Fraction with a bunch of different characters, that can be used in the game, here are all the Characters in Black Rock Shooter Fragments in the game.

Black Rock Shooter Fragments – All Characters


  • Elishika
  • Yuzuki
  • Hu-Rin
  • Nara


  • Yvette
  • Nichola
  • Heroise
  • Adelaide


  • Aelnesse
  • Corva
  • Wilma


  • Averil
  • Constance
  • Grace


  • Naomi
  • Rola
  • Lisa
  • Eners


  • Sumina Amano
  • Mia

There you have it, All of the character in the game Black Rock Shooter Fragments. Those that are interested in the game can download it right now by using the link below!

How to Download Black Rock Shooter Fragments:

Download Black Rock Shooter Fragment

“The end of the world begins abruptly,”. Do you prefer extinction or survival? Since the middle of the 22nd century, “Information Lifeforms” and mankind have been at odds.

When humanity discovered that the enemy was developing a new weapon in an effort to overcome a protracted stalemate in the war, it launched Operation to completely alter the direction of the combat. An extensive operation was launched to destroy the new weapon.

As commander, you lead the “Synthetic” girls into the hostile facility. A girl with flame-like eyes can be seen linked to a gigantic machine. Because of the new weapon’s rampage, “you” and the girl will be sent into unexplored space. That was the start of a battle that would span several “worlds.”

Black Rock Shooter Reroll Guide:

We recommend that you guys use an emulator because most emulator has a feature called Multi-players where you can clone your emulator and then use them to easily reroll and make the game account.

Interestingly enough, you can use this to easily synchronize each and every one of your inputs to easily reroll the Black Rock Shooter Reroll Guide Character that you wanted. You might want to check out LDPlayer since it is currently the best and most lightweight emulator in the market [Here Download]

By using the emulator, you can open the maximum amount of emulators on your PC or laptop and then use them to reroll.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to reroll your favorite Black Rock Shooter Reroll Guide:

  • In the login section, press the sign-in by using your guest or use your email
  • Finish the tutorial until you can gacha your character
  • After you can gacha, check if you get the character that you want.
  • If not, Reinstall and repeat until you get a tier S character.

Do note that it is much more beneficial to roll Black Rock Shooter Reroll Guide right now since the game is on Pre-registration events and there are going to be free tickets and gacha that will be given for free by the developer.

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