Among Us Will be Getting a Collaboration with VTuber Company HoloLive!

The renowned social deduction game Among Us by Innersloth has announced its next major partnership, this time with the VTuber company HoloLive. This crossover features an abundance of VTuber-themed skins and is a limited-time offer lasting only until December, so don’t miss out!

If you’re unfamiliar, HoloLive and VTubers in general are relatively new phenomena. Imagine popular YouTubers who, instead of displaying their faces, use a 3D animated anime-style figure as a replacement for their face cams. Recently, this has become a major trend, and there are a plethora of celebrities for you to fall in love with.

Among Us x Hololive

Among Us x Hololive

HoloLive is one of a handful of corporations that have essentially sponsored some of these stars, and the majority of the most prominent VTubers fall under their umbrella. This includes notable figures such as Mori Calliope, the pink-haired legend with a grim reaper motif, and Gawr Gura, arguably the most popular VTuber in existence. Each of them has a very distinct fashion sense, which is reflected in these new Among Us cosmetics.

These new cosmetics feature all of the HoloLive stars, including the aforementioned names as well as popular characters such as the detective Amelia Watson and the dog Korone. This is almost a perfect crossover, given that a large portion of HoloLive’s popularity can be attributed to how frequently the group streams Among Us. Typically, these streams attract a large number of viewers, so it’s great to see Innersloth recognize them as well.

Obviously, all of these cosmetics will be available for purchase in Cosmicube, Among Us’ cosmetic crates. They will likely only be available for real-world currency, so be prepared to whip out your wallet if you want to dress up as your favourite VTubers.

If you would like to obtain some of these new skins and begin murdering your friends while dressed as Gura, you can download Among Us for free at one of the links provided below!

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