Apple Finally Introduce Clear RAM Feature or Close All Apps

Once again, Apple is reported to be unveiling a new feature, the “Close All” apps button, in iOS or Clear RAM in Android. Close All serves as a convenient shortcut for users to close all running applications. This feature is expected to arrive in the upcoming iOS 17 version, showcasing Apple’s adoption of Android-inspired functionalities.

iOS has a history of incorporating small features from Android that have long been available. In iOS 14, Apple introduced Widget functionality, mirroring a popular Android feature. They have also recently added battery percentage indicators to their devices, following Android’s lead.

While Apple has been gradually adopting such features, there are still numerous Android capabilities, such as data transfer options and split-screen multitasking, that iPhone users eagerly anticipate. The question remains: when will they become available?

The rumored introduction of the “Close All” apps button in iOS showcases Apple’s ongoing efforts to integrate popular features from the Android ecosystem. As users anticipate more Android-inspired functionalities, they eagerly await the arrival of features like data transfer options and split-screen multitasking on iOS devices.

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