AutoChess MOBA

AutoChess MOBA is Basically DOTA in Mobile Android and iOS!

AutoChess MOBA BETA Test!

The original auto-battle game Auto Chess was created and distributed by Dragonest Co., Ltd. and Drodo Studio.  With the introduction of new game types and strategic competitive elements, Auto Chess has had a tremendous impact on the global chess community. Furthermore, it has attracted tens of millions of players worldwide. The success of this game inspires developers to create a new genre, which is already well-known as MOBA.

AutoChess MOBA is an Awesome MOBA Game!

The actual AutoChess Moba game is currently in development and will soon begin beta testing in three countries: Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia currently. This information was posted on their Facebook fan page, “Auto Chess Moba.” But those that are interested in playing the game can download and do so now!

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The announcement that this game would now be available soon was met with great excitement and enthusiasm by the fans. Is it possible that this Auto Chess Moba, which features DOTA-like gameplay, will increase the global popularity of Mobile Legends? What are your thoughts?

The game is likely to be released on android, iOS, and can be played PC by using emulator!

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