Awaken Chaos Era Tier List

Awaken Chaos Era Legendary Tier List

If you’re a player of Awaken Chaos Era, then you know how important it is to have strong legendary characters on your team. That’s where our Awaken Chaos Era tier list comes in – it provides a comprehensive ranking of all current characters in terms of their strength and effectiveness in the game.

Whether you’re a new player looking to build a powerful team or a seasoned player looking to optimize your gameplay strategy, our tier list will provide you with valuable insights. We regularly update the list with every new character release, and our rankings are based on thorough research to ensure authenticity and accuracy.

Before we dive into the list, let’s take a moment to explore what Awaken Chaos Era is all about. This idle RPG gacha game is available on both Android and iOS and features a rich storyline as well as a diverse range of unique characters to collect.

Awaken Chaos Era Legendary Tier List:


  • Flarence (FC-LSF)
  • Gangelo (SP-LOP)
  • Crazed Urzag (CR-LOL)
  • Mulhex (DM-LOW)
  • Mytheasia (SW-LSP)
  • Brand (TI-LDF)
  • Blackhorn (SW-LSW)


  • Taliesin (HL-LOF)
  • Yolanda (FC-LSP)
  • Evera (FC-LOP)
  • Pluto (VS-LOW)
  • Rachel (HL-LOP)
  • Brand the Brilliant (TI-LOL)
  • Ciara (SP-LOW)
  • Hydrissea (DM-LOW)
  • Valeria (LA-LOF)
  • Aubry (SP-LSD)
  • Halia (VS-LSW)
  • Evelyn Firstdawn (LA-LSL)


  • Garnet (HL-LCD)
  • Urion (HL-LOL)
  • Siress (SW-LOF)
  • Garrell (CR-LOF)
  • Divine Yolanda (FC-LSL)
  • Hector (CR-LOF)
  • Fahim (DM-LOP)
  • Halia (VS-LSW)
  • Evelyn Firstdawn (LA-LSL)
  • Jocasta (CR-LSP)
  • Ztlin (DM-LSF)
  • Tashir (FC-LSW)
  • Boolin (FC-LOP)
  • Bachelard (SW-LOF)
  • Tia (FC-LCW)
  • Rick (TI-LOP)
  • Holy Armor Virgil (SW-LOL)
  • Imogen (FC-LOD)
  • Bella (VS-LOF)
  • Godfery (SW-LSP)
  • Opal (FC-LOW)
  • Corrupt Orakh (CR-LOD)
  • Fianna (HL-LOP)
  • Hayyim (DM-LOW)


  • Desmond (SP-LOP)
  • Savanna (DM-LOP)
  • Dark Dragon Asrina (DM-LOD)
  • Balberith (SP-LOF)
  • Lydia (HL-LOW)
  • Donovon (SP-LOP)
  • Terez (SP-LOW)
  • Kasim (CR-LDP)
  • Thor (SW-LOW)
  • Darkened Nicklaus (LA-LOD)
  • Darcy (HL-LOF)
  • Gubeg (CR-LOP)
  • Shark Soul Andre (SP-LOD)
  • Lyerly (VS-LDW)


  • Abaddon (SP-LOD)
  • Nicklaus (LA-LOL)
  • Elune (DM-LCW)
  • Nero (HL-LOW)
  • Geironul (HL-LOF)

What is a Tier List?

A Tier List is a ranking system used to assess and categorize the relative strengths and weaknesses of characters, items, or abilities in a game.

Typically, Tier Lists are created by players or community members who have extensive experience with the game, and they use their knowledge to rate each item or character on a scale, with higher tiers indicating greater strength or utility. Tier Lists can be useful for helping players make informed decisions about how to build their teams or use their resources effectively.

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