Bane Mobile Legends Build

Bane Mobile Legends Bang Bang MLBB Best Build 2022

This Bane hero build can be used to dominate Mobile Legends games. Because of his reputation for being tough, strong and annoying, Bane is often a favorite pick in the game.

Bane is a hero with a fighter/mage role, a well-known hero with disgusting damage, and Bane users should read this article to learn which build materials make Bane even nastier. The following elements are recommended for use when using Bane.

Bane Mobile Legends Build 2022!

1. Tough Boots – Extra Early Defense

The first thing that must be acquired is a pair of movement-related boots called Tough Boots. This item is great for improving Bane’s movement speed and magical defense, among other heroes. This item is typically effective against heroes with exceptional magic damage.

2. War Axe – Core Item in The Early Game

The first Attack item to become Build Bane is the War Axe, which grants 35 Physical Attack, 550 Health, and a 10% Cooldown Reduction bonus. If the Passive Stack is full, this item’s unique passive will increase 80 Physical Attack, 16 Physical Penetration, and extra Movement Speed. Therefore, Bane will have extremely high damage at the start of the game.

3. Malefic Roar – Destroy the Tank

This item is one of the greatest late-game equipment for physical damage-dealing heroes. Malefic Roar increases Physical Penetration if the target has an item with high physical defense. This item pairs exceptionally well with the first bane ability.

4. Blade of Despair – Final Damage

This is one of the finest items for any fighter hero, and it works very well with Bane, whose passive does extra damage to foes when their health is below 50%.

5. Endless Battle – Mana Regen, CD and More

Bane has access to only one Lifesteal item: this one. In addition to providing access to Lifesteal, this item also possesses a one-of-a-kind passive ability that, whenever a skill is used, grants True Damage.

6. Immortality – Durability

This item grants +800 HP and +40 Physical Defense in addition to more blood. Immortality possesses the Passive Unique-Immortal ability, which allows it to resurrect 2.5 seconds after death and gain 15% HP and a shield that can absorb 220-1200 damage. (Scales based on hero level) The shield lasts 3 seconds.

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