Best Skills Project Zomboid

Best Skills in Project Zomboid

Here are some best skills that you can use in Project Zomboid. Project Zomboid is a highly-regarded zombies survival game that challenges players with a variety of gameplay options, including looting, building, crafting, fighting, farming, and fishing, all aimed at helping you survive in a world overrun by zombies.

The game features a hardcore RPG skillset, a vast map to explore, and a customizable sandbox. Additionally, the game features a tutorial that helps new players get familiarized with the game’s mechanics.

Not all skills in Project Zomboid are essential and leveling them takes a lot of time. Here are some recommendations on what skills to focus on and tips on how to level these skills fast.

Essential Skills in Project Zomboid:

Electrical: The main use of this skill is to hotwire cars. Just get level 1 to hotwire cars. To level this skill, dismantle electronics and collect and take apart digital watches.

Mechanics: The main use of this skill is vehicle maintenance. Level 2 is needed to hotwire cars, level 6 to maintain standard/heavy vehicles, and level 7 to maintain sports cars. To level this skill, install/uninstall car parts and uninstall windshields.

Tailoring: The main use of this skill is to upgrade clothing protection. Level 8 is needed to completely repair holes in clothes. To level this skill, add/remove patches and use ripped sheets/denim strips for leveling.

Carpentry: The main use of this skill is base building. Level 4 unlocks rain collector barrels, level 6 unlocks stairs, and level 7 unlocks the best walls. To level this skill, dismantle furniture, double beds and large wardrobes give the best exp, watch Life and Living.

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