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Best Tank Honkai Star Rails

In Honkai Star Rail, having a reliable tank is essential for any team looking to survive the game’s most challenging battles. With so many tank characters to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best fit for your team, as such here are the best tank Honkai Star Rails that you can use.

In this blog post, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the top tanks in Honkai Star Rail and providing insights into what makes them stand out. From their defensive abilities to their overall utility on the battlefield, we’ll help you find the best tank character for your playstyle and team composition.

Best Tank Honkai Star Rails


Best Tank Honkai Star Rails

Gepard is considered the best tank in Honkai: Star Rail due to its impressive skills, eidolons, and traces. With its Ice-based skills and high Defense stats, Gepard can deal significant damage to enemies and protect allies from harm.

Its ultimate skill, Enduring Bulwark, applies a shield to all allies, absorbing damage equal to 38% of Gepard’s Defense plus 168 for three turns, making it a lifesaver in tough battles. Additionally, Gepard’s talent, Unyielding Will, allows it to restore its HP to 27% of its max HP when struck with a killing blow, making it difficult to take down in a single hit.

Furthermore, Gepard’s eidolons and traces further enhance its abilities. The Due Diligence eidolon increases the chance of Gepard’s skill freezing enemies, while Lingering Cold reduces the speed of enemies after they are unfrozen.

Meanwhile, Gepard’s traces increase its Ice damage by 22.4%, its Effect Resistance by 12%, and its Defense by 12.5%, allowing it to deal more damage and better protect allies. All of these factors combined make Gepard an excellent choice for a tank in Honkai: Star Rail.

Trailblazer Fire

Best Tank Honkai Star Rails

Honkai: Star Rail Trailblazer (Fire) is considered the best tank in the game for several reasons. Firstly, this character is a Fire-type, which makes her particularly useful in dealing Fire damage, which is one of the most useful types of damage in the game.

Her Ultimate ability, Flaming Lance Behind Enemy Lines, is an AoE ATK that deals Fire damage to all enemies, making it particularly effective in crowd control situations. Additionally, Trailblazer has a Talent called Treasure of the Architects, which applies a shield to all allies that absorbs damage equal to 5.4% of her DEF plus 23.

The shield lasts for two turns, making it particularly effective in longer battles. Finally, Trailblazer’s Eidolon, Lingering Civilization’s Oath, immediately gains 4 stacks of Magma Will at the beginning of the battle, allowing her to use her enhanced Basic ATK earlier in the battle.

Secondly, Trailblazer has a variety of skills and Eidolons that make her particularly effective in battles. Her Skill, Ever-Burning Amber, increases the Trailblazer’s DMG Reduction by 42% and gains 1 stack of Magma Will, making it particularly effective in reducing incoming damage.

Her Talent, Call of the Guardian, grants a Shield that blocks damage equal to 50% of the Trailblazer’s DEF plus 160 for one turn at the start of the next battle. Finally, her Eidolon, Resonance With the Earth’s Core, adds additional Fire damage to her Basic ATK equal to 15% of her DEF, and her enhanced Basic ATK deals additional Fire damage equal to 20% of her DEF, making her particularly effective in dealing damage while also tanking incoming attacks.


Best Tank Honkai Star Rails

Clara is considered one of the best tanks in Honkai Star Rail due to her abilities and build. Her skills and talents focus on reducing damage taken and retaliating against enemies. Clara’s “I Want to Help” skill deals physical damage to a single enemy, while “Svarog Watches Over You” deals physical damage to all enemies and marks them with a counter.

Her “Promise, Not Command” ultimate increases her damage reduction and enhances Svarog’s counter, making it more effective against enemies. Additionally, her talent “Because We’re Family” reduces the damage taken by Clara and marks enemies who attack her with a counter. Her Eidolons also provide additional benefits such as increased attack and reduced damage taken.

Clara’s build focuses on physical damage and defense, with the “Guard of Wuthering Snow” and “Champion of Streetwise Boxing” stigmata sets providing additional damage reduction and attack bonuses.

Choosing the best tank in Honkai Star Rail is a crucial decision that can greatly impact your team’s performance. Trailblazer (Fire), Clara, and Gepard are the strongest contender for this role with their exceptional defensive capabilities, useful talents, and powerful eidolon and trace bonuses.

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