Black Desert Mobile Fairy

Black Desert Mobile Update Fairy System, Here’s How to Get One!

Pearl Abyss has released the Fairies and Magical Creatures update for Black Desert Mobile, letting players to accompany their journeys with a charming Fairy companion. Fairies are mystical companions who increase action and defence stats.

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Players must construct a Fairy House in order to grow their partner from infancy to adulthood. Increase a Fairy’s abilities and bond by engaging in activities such as conversing, dancing, singing, and more. Fairies may be grown in many ways to change their look, demeanour, and skills. Not only that, each fairy will be able to evolve and increase the fairy skill slots that will then help you in the battle.

Players can also earn rewards by attending the Fairy events, which started on Sept. 13 – Oct. 10 for a month, to get daily goods such as Black Pearl Currency, Alchemy Stone Growth Support Chest and more. Not only that, there are also rewards given to the players by defeating monsters and collecting dice pieces to use in the Fairy Adventure board to get a rare item such as Adventure Primal Accessory Chest, and Neruda Shen Ancient Secret Chest.

How to Unlock Fairy in Black Desert Mobile:

  • Complete the Northeast Kamasylvia main quest, “Lemoria Guard Post Commander,” to unlock the “Fairy” side narrative.
  • Finish the “Fairy” side tale to receive a newborn Fairy and the title “Fairy Very Adorbs.”

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