Diablo 4

Blizzard Made Changes to Helltide Chest in Diablo 4

Blizzard has made changes to Uniques in Helltide Chests in Diablo 4, affecting players’ ability to target specific armor and weapon slots. Recently, a glitch on July 6 resulted in many players acquiring Uber Uniques, the rarest and most powerful items in the game.

Some players focused on farming Helltide Chests in the hopes of obtaining the coveted Harlequin Crest, which had a 0.5% drop rate. However, Blizzard disabled Uber Uniques to prevent further acquisition of Harlequin Crests, causing the six rarest Uniques to stop dropping altogether.

To address the issue, a hotfix was implemented in Diablo 4. Uniques can now drop from both Mystery Chests and targeted chests. However, targeted chests no longer provide a way to specifically farm Uniques as they now draw from the entire item type pool.

This change has sparked controversy among fans, who believe that the loot system in Diablo 4 remains excessively challenging. Unlike its predecessor, Diablo 4 emphasizes the journey to obtain gear rather than pushing higher levels of content with specific equipment sets. The lack of clear endgame direction has been a major concern for the community.

Despite the removal of targeted farming, Uniques can still drop from Helltide Chests, making them more valuable in the endgame content hierarchy. Additionally, Blizzard will not be removing the Uber Uniques obtained during the July 6 incident, allowing players to keep their Harlequin Crests.

While Diablo 4’s itemization could benefit from improvements, the upcoming features in the Season of the Malignant may offer a more exciting grind for players.

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