Brotato Updates Its First Cyborg Characters!

Brotato introduces a mouth-watering update for its Android Premium version. Brace yourself for a potato extravaganza with a lineup of extraordinary characters that will revolutionize your gameplay experience.

First up, meet the Cyborg—a tater armed with a formidable minigun that bestows a substantial ranged damage boost. However, this power comes at a price. Strategize wisely to make the most of this devastating weapon.

Next, we have the Glutton—a potato with an insatiable appetite. The Glutton’s constant explosive nature can be quite troublesome for those unfortunate enough to be in close proximity. Exercise caution while unleashing this character’s destructive potential.

Prepare to encounter Jack, the giant killer. Jack possesses the ability to inflict extra damage specifically against bosses. The larger the foe, the more devastating Jack’s attacks become. Witness the colossal power of this spud as it topples even the mightiest adversaries.

Last but not least, we introduce the eerie Lich—a vampiric undead potato. Armed with health regeneration and life steal abilities, the Lich wreaks havoc with relentless efficiency. Embrace the darkness and experience the spine-chilling impact of this formidable character.

What Makes Brotato Fun to Play?

What sets Brotato apart from other games? It offers a thrilling addition to the revered reverse-bullet-hell genre, popularized by the legendary Vampire Survivors. While it would be unfair to label Brotato as a mere clone, it unquestionably pays homage to its predecessors.

In this captivating game, you find yourself stranded on a hostile alien planet after a catastrophic crash turned your crew into fries.

As a resilient potato protagonist, you must fend off relentless waves of alien monsters while awaiting rescue. But fear not, for you possess a unique talent—you can wield multiple weapons simultaneously!

Navigate the battlefield, skillfully evading and eliminating alien threats. Upgrade your arsenal between rounds, making tough decisions about which weapons to acquire and which to leave behind. Each weapon and item offers distinct effects, and combining them strategically can elevate your slicing skills to unimaginable heights.

Whether you’re a seasoned Brotato enthusiast or a curious newcomer enticed by the latest update, the game awaits you on Google Play. Embark on this thrilling potato-filled adventure and show those alien invaders who’s the true spud boss!