Charlie in Underworld Guide

Charlie in Underworld Guide

Looking for a guide to “Charlie in Underworld”? You’ve come to the right place. This walkthrough will help you navigate the game, uncover all endings, complete your album, and earn all titles.

Introduction to Charlie in Underworld

“Charlie in Underworld” is a mobile game from Buff Studio, following the popular “Underworld Office.” Before diving into “Charlie in Underworld,” ensure you’ve experienced all endings in “Underworld Office.”

Characters in Charlie in Underworld


A former dark spirit, Charlie is unsure of his past but determined to uncover his memories.


A mortal with a mysterious presence in the underworld, always ready to lend a hand.


A stern figure with low expectations but a key role in the story.


An eccentric character with probing questions about your day.


A ghost striving to perform good deeds to reunite with the living.


A young soul with lingering memories and a poignant backstory.


A calm and reassuring presence, offering breaks when needed.

Timeline of Charlie in Underworld

Chapter 1: Charlie

  • Scissors… something outside the window.

Chapter 2: Underworld

  • Starts with the cat whisperer, seeking something to cut.

Chapter 3: Hayden

  • Plans to leave when Eugene finishes work, but complications arise.

Chapter 4: Joan

  • Joan fights against the gloom, hinting at deeper issues.

Chapter 5: River

  • River’s chaotic energy drives the narrative forward.

Chapter 6: Eugene

  • Eugene’s interactions might reveal secrets.

Chapter 7: Collapse

  • The climax, where vision fades and tensions peak.

Endings in Charlie in Underworld

Charlie and Eugene Ending

To achieve this ending, always select the first choice when prompted throughout the game.

Only Charlie in Underworld Ending

Choose the second option at every decision point to get this ending.

Hayden and Joan Unrescued Ending

To unlock this ending, tap on Chapter 3 and select the first choice with Hayden. Continue without saving Joan.

Bonus Ending

Access the bonus ending by navigating to the timeline menu, selecting Chapter 7, and finishing the dream sequence.

Album in Charlie in Underworld

Fill your album by encountering various moments throughout the game, such as:

  • Meeting for the first time
  • Eugene’s room
  • Out-of-body experience
  • Hayden: confirmation
  • Memory: parents
  • Boss and River
  • Memory: School
  • River: The end

Achievements in Charlie in Underworld

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Complete these achievements for a thorough game experience:

  • The Underworld Office’s Headache
  • It hurts. It hurts so much
  • What had to be done
  • We are evil spirits
  • A small blossom

With this guide, you should be well-prepared to explore every aspect of “Charlie in Underworld.” Enjoy uncovering the mysteries, making pivotal choices, and completing your collection of memories and titles. Happy gaming!

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