Cookie Run Kingdom Prune Juice

Cookie Run Kingdom adds Prune Juice and Capsaicin Cookie

Devsisters, the game studio behind the popular mobile RPG Cookie Run: Kingdom, has just released a new update that introduces two new Cookies to the game, Prune Juice Cookie and Capsaicin Cookie.

For those who haven’t played Cookie Run: Kingdom, the game is a mobile RPG with a unique kingdom-building element. The game features adorable Cookies with distinct appearances, abilities, and voice acting.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Prune Juice and Capsaicin Cookie

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Players follow the story of GingerBrave and his companions as they fight against the Dark Enchantress Cookie and her army of darkness. The game also offers a fun Guild system where players can compete to become the highest-ranking Guild.

In this latest update, players can participate in the Triple Cone Cup, a fun competition between the three Earthbread schools: Parfaedia, Scovillia, and Crème Knights. Additionally, players can explore the Cookie Run: Romance Kingdom and the Magic Candy of the new Mala Sauce Cookie.

If you’re interested in trying out Cookie Run: Kingdom and experiencing the latest update, you can download the game for free on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. Keep up with the latest news on the official website and Twitter page. Check out the embedded clip above for a sneak peek of the game’s update.

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