Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom Adds Snapdragon Cookie and Tarte Tatin Cookie

Cookie Run: Kingdom has just received an exciting update from the Devsisters. Version 4.6 continues the captivating Legends of the Red Dragon storyline and introduces two new Cookies, along with various improvements and costumes.

The first new addition is the Snapdragon Cookie, a Special Cookie of the Support type. This Cookie fights from the rear of the squad and brings a powerful move called Arcane Blossom. By blooming other snapdragons, the Snapdragon Cookie provides numerous bonuses to allies, including stun and debuff resistance, increased attack and damage resistance, an HP shield, and HP restoration.

Joining the roster is the Tarte Tatin Cookie, who was previously seen as an NPC in version 4.5. This Ranged type Cookie is prioritized in the Rear position and wields a skill called Cannonade. After landing a few hits, Tarte Tatin Cookie reduces the cooldown time and shackles enemies. She also fires a cannonball towards the centre Cookie, inflicting Burn and Boss debuffs.

To compare these Cookies with others, you can refer to the Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list that we have made here!

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