Almond Cookie Topping Guide

Cookie Run Kingdom | CRK Almond Topping Guide

In this guide, we will focus on Almond Cookie, a unique hero whose build significantly differs from others in the game and its topping. As a seasonal detective who plays the role of a support cookie, Almond is considered one of the best supporters in Cookie Run Kingdom and can be utilized in any team. His valuable ability to boost the DPS of the entire team and special skill, Almond Handcuffs, make him a formidable ally on the battlefield.

Cookie Run Kingdom Almond Topping Guide:

Swift Chocolate:

  • This classic build is the most popular option for Almond. Since Almond has a high CD, Swift Chocolate helps to reduce this issue.
  • You can use five Swift Chocolate toppings to significantly reduce the cooldown and hit enemies more often.
  • This enables you to use special skills more frequently, keeping your team buffed.

Solid Almond:

  • This topping provides extra survivability to Almond, making it an excellent choice against opponents with serious damage.
  • Although it may seem useless for backline support heroes, Solid Almond can provide extra health points.
  • Combining it with a Squishy Jelly Watch can also reduce the cooldown.

There are two builds you can use for Almond Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. The first one aims to reduce cooldown, and the second build increases survivability. You can experiment with both toppings to determine which one works best for you.

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