Cookie Run Kingdom CRK Romance Kingdom – Herbert Hoo Guide

Here we can make this Are you ready to experience a sweet spring romance with the humanized high-school Cookies? Look no further than Cookie Run Kingdom’s latest event, Romance Kingdom: Sugar Sweet Destiny. Released on March 30th, 2023, to celebrate April Fools, this event will run until April 19, 2023, this guide is for the Herbert Hoo Guide.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a dating-simulator-style story set in Kingdom High, where you can woo your favourite Cookies, including Herbert Hoo, Herbert Hoo, Marcus Madeleine, Derek DaChoco, and Serena Faire.

With an energy system based on Blossoming Hearts, you can experience multiple playthroughs and potentially win the heart of your chosen partner. So, grab your Blossoming Hearts and let the sweet spring vibes of Romance Kingdom speak for you!

Cookie Run Kingdom Romance Kingdom Affection System

Affection is a measure of the level of intimacy between the player and their chosen partner in the Romance Kingdom. It increases as the player progresses through the story and completes quests, as well as by giving gifts to the partner.

Affection Points earned from gifts increase the affection meter and unlock various rewards. Each gift has a fixed number of Affection Points, which depends on its position in the grid and the number of Blossoming Hearts required to gift it.

Additionally, players can earn bonus Affection Points by gifting items that their partner likes, as indicated by their comments. The gift selection refreshes daily and can be refreshed for free once a day or for 5 Blossoming Hearts. Remember, showing affection is the key to winning the heart of your chosen partner in Romance Kingdom!

CRK Romance Kingdom – Herbert Hoo Guide

CRK Romance Kingdom - Herbert Hoo Guide

  1. Diggy Shovel – Herbert Hoo always needs sturdy tools for gardening. A Diggy Shovel will be a perfect gift for him.
  2. Biscuit Planter – If you want to see more flowers in Herbert Hoo’s garden, he needs to prepare more houses for them. A Biscuit Planter will make an excellent addition to his collection.
  3. Candy Bouquet – The scent of fresh flowers is so relaxing, and so is the sweet fragrance of candy. A Candy Bouquet will surely please Herbert Hoo.
  4. Happy Planter – A Happy Planter will add a touch of joy and happiness to Herbert Hoo’s garden.
  5. Lollipop Flower Basket – Herbert Hoo will surely appreciate a Lollipop Flower Basket. It’s a perfect combination of two of his favorite things – flowers and candy.
  6. Bear Jelly Toy – Herbert Hoo loves everything cute and adorable. A Bear Jelly Toy will look perfect next to his plants.

Affection Rewards:

  • 300 – Reward: Special Cookie Cutter2
  • 500 – Reward: Magic Cookie Cutter2
  • 1,000 – Reward: Rainbow Cube200
  • 1,500 – Reward: Title
  • 3,000 – Reward: Crystals500
  • 5,000 – Reward: Icon

Herbert Hoo has both Happy and Bad endings in the event. The Happy Endings are Raspberry Cookie Herbert Hoo where you will get 300 Crystal, and get 100 Radiant Shard. On the other hand, the Bad Endings include Herb Cookie Herbert Hoo and players will get Soul Essence, Coins, PVP Ticket, Topping Pieces, Time Jumper, and Rainbow Pearl.

Cookie Run Kingdom – Romance Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom Romance Kingdom is a limited-time event in the mobile game Cookie Run: Kingdom. It features a new story with six romantic partners for players to pursue and build relationships with.

The event introduces new gameplay mechanics such as Affection Points, Blossoming Hearts, and gifting. Players can progress through the story by making choices that affect their relationship with each partner and ultimately determine the ending they will receive.

The event also offers various rewards for completing Happy Endings and Memories, including Crystals, Special Memories, and Radiant Shards.

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