Capsaicin Cookie Skills

Cookie Run Kingdom Guide | Capsaicin Cookie CRK Skills Explanation

Here we are going to release a little guide regarding Capsaicin Cookie Skills that are coming to the game. Cookie Run: Kingdom has just released its latest update, Version 4.3, and it’s bringing in some fiery new characters that are sure to heat up the battlefield.

One of these new cookies is the Capsaicin Cookie, a Super Epic Charge-type cookie that takes the front position in your team.

About Capsaicin Cookie Skills:

Capsaicin Cookie Skills

Capsaicin Cookie is a spicy and explosive character that can transform with the surge of magma power. Once transformed, his regular attacks will cause Lava Eruptions, inflicting Burn and Magma debuffs on enemies. What’s more, the Magma debuff increases Fire type damage, making Capcaisin Cookie a great addition to any Fire-based team.

During his transformation, Capsaicin Cookie will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects, making him a formidable force on the battlefield. And if that wasn’t enough, after his transformation, Capcaisin Cookie will enter Spice Overlord mode, delivering a final strike that will leave enemies reeling.

But that’s not all. If Capsaicin Cookie becomes immobilized during the battle, he will become immortal, dispelling his debuffs, and cannot be immobilized for a certain period. This makes him an incredibly versatile cookie that can adapt to any situation and overcome any obstacle.

And if you’re worried about long cooldowns, don’t be. The first cooldown of Capcaisin Cookie’s skill will be shortened, allowing for faster skill use.

In summary, Capsaicin Cookie is a powerful addition to any team, with the ability to transform, inflict debuffs, resist interrupting effects, and even become immortal. So if you’re looking for a spicy new cookie to add to your collection, be sure to check out Capsaicin Cookie in the latest update of Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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