Trio Toppings CRK Guide

Cookie Run Kingdom Guide | CRK Trio Toppings All You Need to Know!

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Cookie Run Kingdom’s CRK Trio Toppings! In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the latest addition to CRK’s Toppings system, including what they are, how to equip them, and the different types of Trio Toppings available.

Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned pro, this guide will help you understand how to use Trio Toppings to take your Cookie team to the next level. So read on to discover all the details about this exciting new feature in Cookie Run Kingdom!

CRK Cookie Run Kingdom Guide | What are Trio Toppings?

Trio Toppings, or Triple Cone Cup Trio Toppings, are a new type of topping in Cookie Run Kingdom that have higher minimum bonus Stat values than regular toppings, but the same maximum values. Upgrading a Trio Topping will give your Cookie one of the following bonus stats: ATK, DMG Resist, ATK SPD, CRIT%, CRIT Resist, or Cooldown.

List of Trio Toppings:

There are currently five different types of Trio Toppings available in the game. Here’s a brief overview of each one:

1. Trio Raspberry Toppings: Increases ATK stat

  • This topping can increase the ATK stats of your Cookie
  • (+bonus stat compared to regular Searing Raspberry Toppings).

2. Trio Chocolate Toppings: Reduces Skill CD

  • This topping can reduce the skill cooldown of your Cookie
  • (+bonus stat compared to regular Swift Chocolate Toppings).

3. Trio Almond Toppings: Increases DMG Resistance Stat

  • This topping can increase the DMG Resist. of your Cookie
  • (+bonus stat compared to regular Solid Almond Toppings).

4. Trio Caramel Toppings: Increases ATK SPD stat.

  • This topping can increase the ATK SPD stat of your Cookie
  • (+bonus stat compared to regular Caramel Toppings).

5. Trio Apple Jelly Toppings: Increases CRIT% stat.

  • This topping can increase the CRIT% stats of your Cookie
  • (+bonus stat compared to regular Apple Jelly Toppings).

How to Equip Trio Toppings:

To equip a Trio Topping, simply tap on the Cookie you want to equip it on, then select the Toppings tab. From there, scroll down until you see the Trio Toppings section and select the Trio Topping you want to equip.

Trio Toppings are a great way to boost your Cookie’s stats in Cookie Run Kingdom. By equipping the right Trio Topping, you can increase your Cookie’s ATK, DMG Resist, ATK SPD, CRIT%, or reduce their skill cooldown. So go ahead and experiment with different Trio Toppings to find the perfect combination for your Cookie team!

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