Cookie Run Kingdom Prune Juice

Cookie Run Kingdom Guide | Prune Juice Cookie CRK Skills Explanation

Cookie Run Kingdom Guide regarding Prune Juice Cookie Skills are going to be release in this article. Cookie Run: Kingdom has just released its latest update, Version 4.3, bringing Prune Juice Cookie. Meet Prune Juice Cookie, the newest addition to Cookie Run: Kingdom’s lineup.

This Epic Bomber-type cookie takes the middle position in your team and is ready to throw down some serious poison.

CRK Prune Juice Cookie Skills Explanation

CRK Prune Juice Cookie Skills Explanation

Prune Juice Cookie’s regular attack is to throw a Prune Juice Bottle at the farthest enemy, poisoning the target and nearby enemies. But when she uses his skill, things really get interesting. Prune Juice Cookie will throw a giant Prune Juice Bottle containing poison, which will shatter on impact, inflicting Poison DMG Boost, Sticky Goo, Poison, and summoning Prune Jellies.

These summoned Prune Jellies have reduced HP based on the number of hits they take and will spread Prune Gas from time to time, poisoning nearby enemies. Afterwards, the enemies is going to be by any effects and are not affected by Shield or Healing. This makes them a formidable addition to your team, capable of dealing out serious poison damage.

With Prune Juice Cookie, you’ll have a powerful new weapon in your arsenal, one that can take down enemies from a distance and summon Prune Jellies to do even more damage. So if you’re looking for a cookie that’s full of fibre and flavor, be sure to add Prune Juice Cookie to your team in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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