Cookie Run Kingdom's PVE Tier List

Cookie Run Kingdom’s PVE Tier List August 2023

Welcome to our blog post on Cookie Run Kingdom’s PVE Tier List August 2023! If you haven’t heard of this delightful mobile game, don’t worry; we’ll give you a quick introduction.

Picture a world filled with monster cakes and sweet treats, where sugar gnomes, wild cakes, and charming cookies like yourself coexist and battle together.

Your mission is to rebuild the once magnificent cookie kingdom, now plunged into a deliciously evil abyss.

In this post, we’ll present you with a comprehensive tier list featuring the best characters in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, this list will help you strategize and decide which cookies to aim for in the cookie gacha.

We’ve categorized them by type and ranked them from the absolute best to the ones you might want to reconsider.

So, let’s dive right in! Use the quick links below to explore the cookies and plan your kingdom-building journey.

Cookie Run Kingdom’s PVE Tier List August 2023

Tier World Exploration
S Moonlight Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie, Stardust Cookie, Sherbet Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, Pitaya Dragon Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Wildberry Cookie, Schwarzwälder, Eclair Cookie
A+ Hollyberry Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie, Black Pearl Cookie, Captain Caviar Cookie, Prune Juice Cookie, Space Doughnut, Milky Way Cookie, Macaron Cookie
A Werewolf Cookie, Vampire Cookie, Tarte Tatin Cookie, Capsaicin Cookie, Pinecone Cookie, Mala Sauce Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, Snapdragon Cookie
B Herb Cookie, Licorice Cookie, Pomegranate Cookie, Kouign-Amann Cookie, Madeleine Cookie, Crunchy Chip Cookie, BTS, Clotted Cream Cookie, Oyster Cookie, Rye Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Financier Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Espresso Cookie, Cream Unicorn Cookie, Parfait Cookie, Red Velvet Cookie, Purple Yam Cookie, Affogato Cookie, Royal Margarine Cookie, Carol Cookie, Tea Knight Cookie, Latte Cookie, Sorbet Shark Cookie, Twizzly Gummy Cookie
C Caramel Arrow Cookie, Black Raisin Cookie, Cherry Blossom Cookie, Strawberry Crepe Cookie, Dark Choco Cookie, Moon Rabbit Cookie, Milk Cookie, Tiger Lily Cookie, Sparkling Cookie, Prophet Cookie, Cocoa Cookie, Blueberry Pie Cookie, Poison Mushroom Cookie, Mango Cookie, Pastry Cookie, Princess Cookie, Raspberry Cookie, Custard Cookie III, Chili Pepper Cookie, Candy Diver Cookie, Almond Cookie, Blackberry Cookie, Mint Choco Cookie, Lilac Cookie, Kumiho Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie
D Cherry Cookie, Adventurer Cookie, Sonic Cookie, Tails Cookie, Knight Cookie, Avocado Cookie, Carrot Cookie, Wizard Cookie, Ninja Cookie, Fig Cookie, Pancake Cookie, Devil Cookie
E Clover Cookie, Beet Cookie, Alchemist Cookie, Onion Cookie, Gumball Cookie, Strawberry Cookie, Muscle Cookie, GingerBraveAngel Cookie

All Cookie Types in CRK!

  1. Ambush Cookies: Ambush Cookies, akin to Assassin-type cookies, excel at swiftly taking down single-target enemies and sniping opponents from the Rear line. They prove invaluable in PvP battles and boss encounters, while also occasionally shining in story stages.
  2. Support Cookies: Support Cookies offer essential buffs to the team, such as ATK, DEF, crowd control dispels, and more. Notable examples include Eclair Cookie, who can single-handedly clear story stages with the right front line or a skilled healer.
  3. Healing Cookies: As the name suggests, Healing Cookies play a crucial support role by providing significant health regeneration to the team along with buffs and shields. Pure Vanilla Cookie is a prime example of a powerful Healing Cookie.
  4. Defense Cookies: The stalwart Defense Cookies occupy the front line, expertly mitigating damage directed at the team. They offer DMG reduction buffs for the entire squad and boast impressive Taunt skills.
  5. Charge Cookies: Charge Cookies are akin to ‘fighters’ on the battlefield. They strike a balance between damage reduction and dealing substantial damage from the front line, often equipped with crowd control abilities like knock-ups and stun.
  6. Magic Cookies: As outstanding damage dealers, Magic Cookies employ skills that deal damage over time or continuous damage. Latte Cookie is a prime example. Furthermore, their ability to inflict crowd control makes them immensely popular in Cookie Run Kingdom.
  7. Bomber Cookies: Similar to Magic Cookies, Bombers deal considerable damage but usually require some skill charging. They excel at unleashing powerful ‘burst AoE damage,’ making them indispensable for various content.
  8. Ranged Cookies: Easily recognizable by their crossbow and arrow representation, Ranged Cookies specialize in delivering continuous damage from a safe distance. Their precision and range allow them to target one or multiple enemies with exceptional accuracy.

In Cookie Run Kingdom, each cookie type offers a unique set of abilities, contributing to the diversity and excitement of gameplay. Choose your favorite cookie type and lead your team to sweet victory!

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