Dehya Genshin Impact Party

Dehya Genshin Impact Party Lineup Guide

Here we are going to release the best Dehya Genshin Impact party Lineup Guide that you should try to utilize and maximize the best of the pyro character. Dehya has been released, although it will be available in the Standard Banner in version 3.6. However, the Standard Banner or rate-off does not guarantee that you will obtain this waifu able character.

Although Dehya’s kit is versatile, it still falls short compared to some other Pyro characters. If you are still planning to gacha for this character but are unsure of the best party setup, you can try these three line-ups.”

Burgeon Dehya Genshin Impact

  • Dehya,
  • Nahida, Collei, Dendro MC,
  • Xingqiu, Kokomi, Ayato,
  • 1 More either Dendro or Hydro Character

It makes sense for Dehya to be an alternative to Thoma in the Burgeon team. Her Elemental Skill has a wide area that can trigger Burgeon, although there is a slight constraint regarding the 2.5-second interval for her Elemental Skill. Nonetheless, it can be utilized effectively.

Reverse Melt Dehya Genshin Impact

  • Dehya,
  • Ganyu,
  • Bennett,
  • Nahida

Reverse Melt is a suitable team composition for Ganyu, and Dehya can be used as a substitute for Zhongli, although she doesn’t have the same Super Armor. She can provide Pyro enabling and endurance for Ganyu, although her health will still decrease when taking damage.

Mono Pyro Dehya Genshin Impact

  • Dehya,
  • Kazuha,
  • Bennett,
  • Xiangling

Lastly, there is Mono Pyro, which can be considered a premium team composition because of Kazuha’s presence as a buffer. This team composition is already strong without Dehya, but she can be used as the Main DPS even though her damage output is not as high as other Main DPS characters.

Those are the three best team compositions for Dehya currently. There is no exclusive team composition that requires this character yet. Dehya’s character is not good enough at the moment, and there might be a new character that is more compatible with her in the future.

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