Demian Saga Idle RPG Games Soon to Be Launch!

Demian Saga, an upcoming idle RPG from Haegin Co., is set to launch globally next week on April 13th. The game focuses on Jaden, a seeker of the Primeval Highlands, and Aisha, the owner of the Key, as they embark on a journey to find the land of the Gods. Players will build up a band of pirates hailing from five different pirate nations and battle their way through an expansive campaign.

Despite the excitement around the upcoming release, a note at the end of the announcement has raised questions about a possible delay. The note reads, “The schedule may be revised depending on the situation,” and “A separate notice will be sent if the schedule is revised.”

While this statement is vague and suggests a delay may be possible, it is important to note that the game is still scheduled for an April 13th release date.

Demian Saga Pre-Registration Rewards!

Players can still pre-register for Demian Saga on Google Play and receive pre-registration rewards, including 3000 gems, a treasure map set, an epic equipment selection ticket, and 5 currency bags (2h). These rewards can give players a significant boost at launch, so it is recommended to pre-register now even though the release is just days away.

In conclusion, Demian Saga is set to release globally on April 13th with an exciting storyline and the opportunity to build a team of diverse pirates. While a delay may be possible, players can still pre-register and receive valuable rewards to enhance their gaming experience at launch.

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