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Download Angel Fantasia, Mobile RPG Games

New mobile RPG games made by Superbox is finally released called Angel Fantasia and those interested can download it now. Angel Fantasia is available in both android and iOS. Interested players can download Angel Fantasia right now, but check out the gameplay below.

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Angel Fantasia is a 2.5D fantasy action RPG game where players help the fallen angel Ariel, who lost her wings due to God’s wrath and was banished, to defeat all enemies in her way and regain her wings. The game features a 2D and 3D world, with attractive 2D characters and monsters in a 3D world, and players use a giant sword to battle with blastful overwhelming strength.

They collect and enhance powerful skills that only angels can use, upgrade items, and challenge dungeons to prove their strength and get rewards. The game also includes mount battles with pets and the challenge of regaining wings, the source of all power.

Download Angel Fantasia

Play the game on PC:

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