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Download ANNULUS, CBT for The New Turn Based RPG Games Similar to FFT Mobile

Annulus is a new Western-style mobile turn-based RPG game in which players will need to strategize to kill their enemies. You can download ANNULUS right now, and try the CBT version of the game right now. Those interested however can check out the gameplay here.

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“Annulus” is a dark fantasy chess strategy mobile game developed and published by Guangzhou Indrasoft Co., Ltd. The game is set in a medieval knight war-inspired world and features stunning visuals powered by Unreal 4 engine.

Players take on the role of the leader of a mercenary regiment and must gather and train mercenaries with unique attributes and weapons. They have the opportunity to create their own mercenary regiment, striving for survival, glory, and challenging the rules of fate. The game offers endless battles and a grand epic world to explore.

Download Annulus

Play the game on PC:

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