Download BLACK STELLA PTOLOMEA, High Quality Anime Turn Based RPG Mobile Games

A new mobile RPG game with an anime graphic called Black Stella Ptolomea is finally being tested. In Its Early CBT, the game finally lets you check out the post-apocalyptic mobile RPG games. You can download Black Stella Ptolomea here right now with its link, but check out the gameplay first.

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The game is called “Black Stella Ptolomea” and is set in Tokyo, Japan in the year 2049. The city has been hit by a series of catastrophic events, starting with a mysterious explosion in 1999, followed by monster attacks. The game is a unique RPG with over 1 million characters and turn-based battles that are full of replay elements.

It is recommended for people who enjoy RPGs, turn-based battle systems, and multi-battle scenarios, as well as those who appreciate attractive and well-designed characters. The game is a mystery RPG that combines a heavy storyline with turn-based battles and encourages players to keep fighting even if they die repeatedly.

Download Black Stella Ptolomea

Play the game on PC:

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