Download Code: Rainbow

Download Code: Rainbow Anime Action RPG Mobile Games

If you are looking forward to a high-quality mobile action RPG game with anime graphics then you might want to download Code: Rainbow. It offers all of the above mentioned before with awesome graphics and gameplay. Check out the gameplay video below:

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“Code: Rainbow” is a vertical action-strategy game for mobile devices. The game’s story begins with a mysterious supernatural force causing a global rainbow phenomenon, which grants a few individuals special abilities and turns them into “Lingneng” users.

Players assume the role of a Lingneng user who inherits their sister’s Lingneng research institute and must absorb other Lingneng users, clear out evil spirits, and repair the “Rainbow Eclipse Mirror” to uncover the truth behind the invasion of the world by the Rainbow Eclipse. Throughout the game, players will experience emotional bonds with other Lingneng users and feel the responsibility to protect the world.

Download Code: Rainbow

Play the game on PC:

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