Download Contra: Tournament

Download Contra: Tournament, Nostalgic Side Scroll Games Turn Mobile Battle Royale

Contra is recently known to be adapted to Battle royale in the name of Contra: Tournament and is available to download. The nostalgic side scroll game is recently known to be released to mobile as an FPS game with awesome gameplay. Check out the gameplay below.

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Contra: Tournament is a new battle royale game featuring classic Contra characters and weapons, set in a high-tech battlefield. The game includes nostalgic Contra weapons and classic stage scenes, as well as the ability to team up with four other players to carry out space missions.

The game also features diverse weapon collection and strategic combat with unique abilities. The closed beta for the game is currently available in the Philippines. But you can try them out first by downloadin the file below.

Download Contra: Tournament:

Play the game on PC:

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