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Download CRSED: Royale Apex Battle, Not Apex Legends Mobile

CRSED is a new mobile battle royale game that looks interesting with a similar looks to battle royale games. However, even if the game name is Royale Apex Battle, It is not Apex Legends Mobile that recently closed its service. Those interested can download CRSED: Royale Apex Battle, but check out the gameplay below for more information.

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CRSED Mobile is an online shooter game featuring melee weapons, firearms, magic rituals, and supernatural powers. Players choose unique champions with individual superpowers, and fight against other players in picturesque locations.

The game includes a variety of realistically modeled weapons, combat armor, demonic powers, ground vehicles, and boats. Players can use magic to gain an advantage, draw seals with their blood, conduct ancient rituals, and use their own extraordinary powers.

The game has a deep customization system where players can craft and learn new items, including those that are important for their custom champion build and those that are purely cosmetic. The goal of the game is to be the last man standing by collecting sinner souls through killing enemies to pay for the magic used in the game.

Download CRSED

Play the game on PC:

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