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Download DanMachi Mobile CBT, Anime JRPG Mobile Games!

The CBT for download DanMachi Mobile games is finally released and is available to be played. Those interested in mobile anime JRPG games can check them out at the link below. However, you can check out the gameplay first.

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DanMachi Battle Chronicle is a 3D action JRPG developed by Aiming Inc. for Android and iOS devices. The game is planned to be released in spring 2023 in Japan and is one of the ten major projects celebrating the series’ 10th anniversary.

In simple yet deep battles, players can enjoy exciting action with a variety of attacks and evasions, including special moves that appear in the series. Create your own group by combining various training elements such as Adventurers, Assistants, and Scene Cards, and set off on your own adventures.

Download DanMachi Mobile:

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