Download Echonox 24/36

Download Echonox 24/36 BETA, Mobile Anime Turn Based RPG Games

A new SRPG games with turn-based and awesome graphics is finally available to download. Those interested can download Echonox 24/36 right now. It offers a high-quality anime-like graphic and most importantly awesome gameplay.

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Echonox is an SRPG game set in a surreal background. Every time after midnight, time becomes stagnant. Between 24:00 and 00:00, there exists a hidden 12-hour period called the Chamber Time, unknown to ordinary people. Bizarre phenomena emerge from this Chamber Time, relentlessly corroding everything in the world and causing the gradual collapse of the era.

Players take on the role of the Secret Keeper, walking in the Chamber Time to defend the last frontier of human civilization. The game’s motto is “Even if our battles go unnoticed, draw your sword and fight to the death because… we are Secret Keepers.” It involves establishing order for humanity while simultaneously destroying it.

Download Echonox 24/36

Play the game on PC:

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