Download Fellow Moon

Download Fellow Moon, A New Anime Gacha RPG Games!

A new mobile anime gacha RPG game called Fellow Moon is recently known to be available to download, and those interested can try it out. Fellow Moon offers a high quality mobile gameplay, with awesome animation. Check out the gameplay below.

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“Fellow Moon” is an ACGN (Anime, Comic, Game, and Novel) strategy card game with elements of a simulation, story-rich, and RPG. It is set in a city called Quanlian, and the gameplay may involve exploring a small street filled with food stalls and interacting with characters such as the old grandpas who urge the stall owners to serve food.

The game may also feature a collection aspect where players can collect various cards. The objective of the game may involve protecting the city from some sort of threat, possibly from a supernatural entity that causes abnormal physical conditions. Overall, the gameplay appears to be a mix of strategy, card collecting, and storytelling elements.

Please do note that the game is currently in BETA and those interested can download the APK file first before the full version.

Download Fellow Moon:

Play the game on PC:

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