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Download Floating Wasteland, SRPG Mobile Turn Based Games

Floating Wasteland is a new mobile SRPG game that is being released in both Android and iOS. The game offers high-quality gameplay, however, it is still only available in China. Those interested in Floating Wasteland can download it now. Check out the gameplay and download Floating Wasteland right now below.

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Floating Wasteland is a fantasy game where players take on the role of a young man who sets out to explore the world and unravel the mysteries behind the reappearance of the “Floating Wasteland”. The player can bond with demon spirits of different races, creating a fantasy world with rich biographies and exquisite painting styles.

The game also features a new gameplay of war chess, with built-in easter eggs and rich random events. With brain-burning strategy and multiple restraint systems, players must change their combat strategies in real time to win the final victory. The game also offers an immersive experience of empathy with demons and gods, allowing players to camp and listen to the stories of the demon gods.

Download Floating Wasteland

Play the game on PC:

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