Download Glory of Dragon Slayer

Download Glory of Dragon Slayer, Fantasy Strategic RPG Mobile Games

A new mobile strategic idle RPG called Glory of Dragon Slayer is finally being released, and those interested in the game can download it now. Although it is still in early access, the game made by Redpotion can finally be played. You can check the gameplay here.

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“Glory of Dragon Slayer” is a fantasy strategy game that offers a 4X experience. Players can choose from 6 different civilizations, each with its unique playstyle, battle attributes, and abilities.

The objective is to defeat the Void Dragon, and players must summon heroes, build their empires, fortify their castles and strongholds, invest in their kingdoms, and forge alliances and unions to find strength. The game also offers real-time battles and the ability to explore the Land of Eld effortlessly.

Download Glory of Dragon Slayer

Play the game on PC:

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