Download Guardian Soul: ENTARUS

Download Guardian Soul: ENTARUS, Idle RPG Mobile Games Like RAID Shadow Legends

A new mobile game with a similar gameplay to RAID Shadow Legends called Guardian Soul: ENTARUS is available to download. The game offers a much cartoony feel than Raid Shadow Legends. If you are interested, then you can see the gameplay first below.

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Guardian Soul: ENTARUS is a mobile game where the player must defend the continent of Merdalin from monsters by putting together a team of unique guardians and deploying tactical strategies in real-time battles.

The game features various game modes, including adventure, weekly dungeon, equipment dungeon, dungeon of tribulation, guardian tower, alchemy lab, rank battle, network dungeon, and dimensional dungeon. Players can also join a guild to participate in boss raids and exchange information. The game offers an intuitive autoplay system for those who prefer it.

Download Guardian Soul: ENTARUS

Play the game on PC:

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