Download Idol Showdown

Download Idol Showdown, Fan Made Fighting VTuber Games

Hololive fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of Idol Showdown, the definitive fan-made fighting game experience developed by the Besto Game Team. With its release on May 6, 2023, fans can finally download Idol Showdown and play the game for free.

Idol Showdown is a 2D fighting game that puts Hololive talents in the role of core fighting game archetypes. Players can choose from a range of iconic Hololive talents and battle it out to determine who the strongest idol is. The game’s easy-to-learn controls make it accessible to newcomers to traditional fighting games, while its fast-paced 2D combat and flashy attacks offer a challenge to more experienced players.

Download Idol Showdown

The game features rollback netcode, ensuring smooth online gameplay, and offers single-player, online, and shared/split-screen PvP modes. With partial controller support and Steam Cloud integration, players can customize their gameplay experience to their liking.

Idol Showdown immerses players in the vast world of Hololive, with lovingly recreated locations and moves inspired by each talent’s most memorable moments and personalities. Fans can jam out to remixes of their favorite Hololive original songs while raising idol hell.

The overwhelmingly positive reviews for Idol Showdown attest to its popularity among Hololive fans. Whether you’re a fan of fighting games or simply a Hoyofan, Idol Showdown offers an exciting and entertaining gameplay experience. Download and play for free to engage in the ultimate idol showdown and determine who the strongest Hololive talent is!

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