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Mecharashi is a sci-fi SRPG (Strategy Role-Playing Game) that immerses players in the world of mechanized warfare within a futuristic setting. You can download Mecharashi here by using our link below!

Following the mercenary squad “Cheetah Logistics,” players navigate through the complexities of global factions and unravel conspiracies alongside the mysterious organization “Dawn.”

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The game seamlessly blends tactical gameplay with mecha themes, allowing players to act as strategists in commanding battles.

Notably, players can customize various aspects of their mechs, such as the head, hands, legs, and weapons, introducing a strategic layer to decision-making in both mech builds and battlefield tactics.

Developed by BlackJack Studio, renowned for titles like “Dream Simulation War” and “Tian Di Jie: Reincarnated City,” Mecharashi is poised for a global release across multiple platforms, including mobile devices.

Download Mecharashi

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